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Cozy Corner Resource and 10 Theme Packs
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Product Information
Cozy Corner is an innovative early language and literacy program that reaches across the community and curriculum to support librarians, early childhood educators, and families. Cozy Corner builds upon the rich tradition of Storytime by sharing quality children's books, engaging in topic-rich conversations, and heightening curiosity through music and active learning.

Rich story talk challenges children to practive skills that are fundamental to future literacy success!

Each Cozy Corner program comes complete with an Instructional Resource Kit and Ten (10) Theme-Based Storytime packs for Easy Distribution

Resource Kit includes:

• 1 Flip chart: Nursery Rhymes—popular rhymes for sharing

• Storytime Program Guide which includes:
• Research Basis
• ELL support
• Assessment support
• Scope and Sequence
• Community Outreach Strategies
• Reproducible Family activities (in both English and Spanish)
• Theme Resources explicitly detailing best Storytime practices

• 1 Oversized big book plastic carrying bag with identifying sticker

Storytime Packs include:

• 1 Big Book & 2 Read Aloud Trade Books in each pack—including award-winning classics, new, and multicultural titles

•4-page Storytime plans—reproducibles for story conversation, action songs and rhymes, and extension activities

• 2-page Story Character Card punch-outs—feature main characters for children to retell the story in their own way

• 1 Mini poster for each theme—colorful ways to invite children and adults to participate in Storytime

• Putumayo Kids music CD per theme—set the mood for each Storytime and support music and movement activities with songs from a variety of culutral traditions

• 1 Overside big book plastic carrying bag with indentifying sticker

• Up, Down, All Around!
• Jump for Joy!
• On the Move!
• Snap, Crackle, Moo!
• Munch a Bunch!
• 1, 2, 3! Reapeat After Me!
• Beep! Beep! Vroom!
• Splish! Splash!
• Rain or Sun, Stories are Fun!
• Imagine That! Bears!

Looking for Funding?

Go to ALA (keyword search arra101) or Stimulus Information to find lots of great information regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including:
• What Librarians should know about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
•Scholastic solutions that are eligible for Title I Part A, IDEA, EETT, and Early Childhood funding
• Web links to finding each state's estimated stimulus funding levels, state and district allocations for Title I Part A, IDEA, and Early Childhood
• Fast Facts and FAQs about the ARRA

Additional Funding Sources for Early Literacy

Institute of Museum and Library Services

• Child Care Development Fund: Provides grant funding to support early care and education services for nearly two million children. World Work

• Even Start: Even Start focuses on the educational needs of low-income families with young children from birth through age 7. Even Start

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