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customer service
How to Contact Us

For fast answers to inquiries about an order, delivery date, availability of a product, login issues or other questions, contact us at:

Phone: (800) 621-1115
Monday through Friday
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST
(866) 783-4361
P.O. Box 3765
Jefferson City, MO 65102-3765

International Customer Contact

Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to answer any questions. If you prefer, you may complete the form below to request a catalog or send us a question or comment.

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Shipping & Delivery

Orders Submitted Via ListBuilder

For any orders containing Scholastic Library Publishing titles in RLB bindings or Weston Woods multimedia titles submitted via our ListBuilder website shipping and handling is free.

A 9% shipping and handling charge applies to orders containing paperbacks titles, paperback collections or instructional programs that are submitted via the ListBuilder website.

If an order is mixed between classroom products and library products the shipping and handling will only be charged on the amount not eligible for free shipping (Classroom products).

Orders Submitted Via Phone, Fax, Mail

For Library products on orders NOT submitted through the ListBuilder site, if the order exceeds $999 net then shipping and handling will also be free. For orders less than $999, there will be a 9% shipping and handling charge.

There will also be a 9% shipping and handling fee charged for Classroom paperback orders (including collections and instructional programs) not submitted via the ListBuilder regardless of the order amount.

The delivery of all in-stock products (excluding standing order plans) can be expected within two weeks of our receipt of your order. For titles requiring library or classroom processing, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

About International Shipping

Library Processing
We are pleased to offer library automation services for your library's specific needs. We supply full library processing. If you would like this service, please complete the information on the library specification form, accessible online from your List Details screen or in My Account. It is important that this information be completed so we can assure accurate processing to the individual specifications of your library, i.e. specific barcode numbers, type of system, symbology, type of computer, disk size, etc. Processed books are not returnable if they have been processed according to your specifications.

Managing Library Processing Specifications

Once your order has been processed, an invoice will be generated and sent to you. The invoice reflects the amount owed for only those items shipped to you. You will also receive a monthly statement, showing any transactions that occurred during the month. The statement will also reflect your current balance due. When remitting payment, please include the invoice numbers.

Other Payment Plans
Other payment plans are available; please contact your sales representative or customer service for further information.

How To Return An Item
YOU MUST CALL FOR AUTHORIZATION BEFORE RETURNING ANY MERCHANDISE. Please make sure that you have your P.O. number and/or reference or invoice number at hand, and that the merchandise is in salable condition. Call our Customer Service Department to notify them that you would like to make a return. At that time, our Customer Service Representative will inform you about our return procedures.

Quality & Service Guarantee
We are completely committed to quality—not only in merchandise, but also in service. Furthermore, we are committed to your satisfaction. If not completely satisfied, please feel free to request an exchange or a refund by calling our Customer Service Department at (800) 621-1115 or send a fax to (866) 783-4361.

International Customers

Damaged Merchandise
If your order is damaged in any way, save the original packing materials, obtain your P.O. number and/or our reference number or invoice number, and call our Customer Service Department.

International Customers

Errors in product descriptions, prices, or typographical errors are subject to correction.

Federal Government Pricing
Grolier offers special pricing to the General Services Administration (Contract #GS-14F-8002A). For a list of GSA prices, please call our Customer Service Department.

New York State Textbook Law (NYSTL), New York State Software Law (NYSSL) and New York State Contract Numbers
For your convenience, the New York contract numbers and vendor codes for all Scholastic Library Publishing products are as follows. Please reference the appropriate contract number(s) on your orders.

  • NYSTL Children's Press® & Franklin Watts®
    7000473, Vendor GRO-012
  • NYSTL Grolier
    7000230, Vendor GRO-010
  • NYSSL (Software and Online) for Grolier Online®
    1A65009, Vendor GRO-010
  • New York City School Library Contract for Grolier
    6300436, Vendor GRO-010
  • New York State Contract for all Scholastic Library Publishing imprints

International Policies

WELCOME International Customers

Scholastic Library Publishing welcomes you to our online catalog and e-commerce site. We have made many important modifications to our Librarians Toolkit so that our International customers can use the site. Our objective is to make it possible for you to take advantage of all the special features that we have designed to support the unique collection development needs of our International Librarians.

We have done our best to anticipate and address the special requirements of international orders, particularly with respect to shipping and delivery , but welcome your suggestions for improvement. Please contact us at International Customer Service.

International Customer Service Contact Information

For fast answers to inquiries about an order, deliver date, availability of a product, login issues or other questions, contact us at:

Phone: 573-632-1687
Outside the U.S.: 646-330-5288
Toll Free number for Germany: 08001800591
Toll Free for Japan: 00531160612
Fax: 573-632-1304
2931 East McCarty Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101


  • Orders reflect a 30% discount off List Price for Children's Press and Franklin Watts titles, a 40% discount off List Price for selected Scholastic titles included on this website.
  • Grolier specialty sets and encyclopedias, as well as Weston Woods are sold at List Price.
  • Special Discounts apply for Opening Day Collections and Consortium orders.

Free Services

  • For all orders totaling more than $60,000, shipping, handling and library processing is free.
  • All orders which are shipped to Freight Forwarders within the US, Scholastic will deliver to the Freight Forwarder at no charge.
  • Standard Library Processing is free for all orders over $3,000.
    • Standard Library Processing consists of attached barcode, spine labels, and Marc records.
    • Customer is responsible for providing Scholastic with Library Specifications with each order, unless specifications are on file.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Delivery Times are estimated from the time that the orders leave Scholastic and are based on past performance. They are not a guarantee.
  • Shipping costs are determined by calculating the net price of your order times the percentage listed in the Shipping Chart above.
  • All shipments to Freight Forwarders that are based in the US are Free. The Freight Forwarder takes responsibility for delivery to the final destination at the time of delivery of the product from Scholastic.
  • Each country has its own rules and regulations with regard to imports. Please notify us of specific requirements that we should be aware of before shipping.
  • For all orders totaling more than $60,000, shipping, handling and library processing is free.
  • Delivery times are a reflection of the method in which you submit your order (online via this website is faster and more efficient), whether or not you have requested library processing, and the choice of shipping method. Please see the Shipping Chart above for details.
  • All orders that are received by phone, mail, fax, or otherwise not submitted via our website are subject to an additional 1 week delivery time
  • The delivery of all in-stock products will be determined by method of shipment chosen by the customer and whether or not library processing is chosen.
    • Express: 2-3 weeks
    • Air: 3-4 weeks
    • Freight Forwarder: 10 days to Freight Forwarder, delivery then dependent on the Freight Forwarder
    • Please add 2 weeks to expected delivery time for orders that require library processing.
  • Library Processed orders will require additional delivery time. Please plan an additional 2 weeks.
  • Express service not available to PO Boxes

International Shipping Rates

Select one of the shipping methods from the list below. For more information see the international shipping details.

Region (Ship to) Express Air Freight Forwarder
Orders Up to $3000 Orders Up to $3000 Free to Freight Forwarders within the US
All regions except below 20% 15% Free
Africa 30% 25% Free
Middle East 30% 25% Free
Eastern Europe 30% 25% Free
Asia 25% 20% Free
Orders over $3000 Orders over $3000 Free to Freight Forwarders within the US
All regions except below 15% NA Free
Africa 25% NA Free
Middle East 25% NA Free
Eastern Europe 25% NA Free
Asia 20% NA Free
Orders over $60,000
All regions Free Free Free

Customs Issues

  • Imports are subject to the regulations of each country; all of these regulations must be followed carefully. If uncertain, please consult local customs agents.
  • Many countries have a duty exemption on books. Consult with a customs agent before choosing non-book material.
  • All packages are subject to inspection at the discretion of customs agents. This may delay delivery.

Promotional Offers

Not all promotional offers that are mentioned on the Scholastic ListBuilder Site are available to our International Customers. Please contact your local sales rep or our customer service group to discuss the details of all promotions that are mentioned on the website.